"The Swiss at War 1300-1500" von Miller, Douglas


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Men-at-Arms 94
Author: Douglas Miller
Illustrator: Gerry Embleton

During the 14th and 15th centuries military tactics in Europe underwent a period of sustained transformation of which theoutcome was the rejuvenation of the footsoldier as the major tactical unit. One nation alone stands principallyresponsible for this development - the Swiss Confederation. For centuries the mounted knights had 'ridden roughshod overthe populations of Europe'. It was in the Swiss halberdier and later the pikeman that the mounted men-at-arms were tomeet their match. This absorbing text by Douglas Miller provides an account of rise of the Swiss army to its tacticalzenith, beginning with the classic encounter at Morgarten.


- Introduction
- Organization
- Tactics and Campaigns
- The Burgundian Wars
- The Plates

48 pages,


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