Iberische Falcata, silberfarben, Marto

Iberische Falcata, silberfarben, Marto
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The falcata is a type of weapon, a sword of steel originated in Iberia, and therefore related... mehr
Produktinformationen "Iberische Falcata, silberfarben, Marto"

The falcata is a type of weapon, a sword of steel originated in Iberia, and therefore related to the Iberian native populations before the Roman conquest. It was used by the Iberian countries or neighbors like the Celtiberians being the most common sword in the area of the peninsula. Roman chroniclers praised the quality of the iron that was used for the construction of the Hispanic weapons; they were surprised by its cutting ability and flexibility, one of the most prized and sought features in its manufacture. As a curious note, reflecting the effectiveness of these weapons, after the first battles in the Iberian Peninsula, an order was given to Roman troops to reinforced with iron the edges of their shields, possibly due to the cutting power of the falcatas, much higher than the straight swords and sabers. 

- Gesamtlänge: ca.60 cm 
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