"Fornovo 1495" von Nicolle, David

Cover Fornovo 1495
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C ampaign 43 Author: David Nicolle Illustrator: Richard Hook I n the year 1495,... mehr
Produktinformationen ""Fornovo 1495" von Nicolle, David"

Campaign 43
Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Richard Hook

In the year 1495, Charles VIII was the youthful King of France, the most powerful state in medieval Europe. A dreamer who saw himself as the saviour of Christian Europe, he believed he could roll back the ever-spreading tide of Ottoman Turkish conquest. As a base for his crusade he was determined to seize southern Italy. In a lightning campaign he used France's modern army to sweep through Italy, his mobile field artillery train smashing into dust the tall towers of Italy's medieval castles. The Italian states rallied and at Fornovo their alliance, the League of Venice, fought Charles' army to a standstill.


- Origins of the Campaign
- Opposing Leaders
- Opposing Armies
- Opposing Plans
- The Campaign
- The Battle of Fornovo
- Aftermath
- The Battlefield Today
- Chronology
- Wargaming Fornovo
- Further Reading

96 pages

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