"Lake Peipus 1242" von Nicolle, David

Cover Lake Peipus 1242
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C ampaign 46 Author: David Nicolle Illustrator: Angus McBride T he Teutonic Knights... mehr
Produktinformationen ""Lake Peipus 1242" von Nicolle, David"

Campaign 46
Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Angus McBride

The Teutonic Knights were a powerful military order, backed with the crusading zeal of Europe, the blessing of the Pope and the support of the Holy Roman Emperor. This battle, although little-known in the west, was important in the history of the medieval eastern crusades, the Teutonic defeat having a serious effect on future events. David Nicolle's excellent text examines the Crusade against Novgorod and the fierce fighting around the frozen shores of Lake Peipus.


- The Origins of the Campaign
- The Opposing Commanders
- Opposing Forces
- Opposing Plans
- The Campaign
- The Battle of Lake Peipus
- Aftermath and Reckoning
- The Battlefields Today
- Chronology
- Further Reading
- Wargaming Lake Peipus

96 pages


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