"The Normans" von Nicolle, David

"The Normans" von Nicolle, David
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E lite 9 Author: David Nicolle Illustrator: Angus McBride D espite the small... mehr
Produktinformationen ""The Normans" von Nicolle, David"

Elite 9
Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Angus McBride

Despite the small geographic extent of Normandy its people played a crucial role in the history of the medieval world. Ferocity, boundless energy, cunning and a capacity for leadership were their heritage, to which modern scholars would add supreme adaptability and a simple piety. Their amazing military successes resulted from careful planning, speed of movement, decisiveness, daring and sheer ruthlessness. Added to this was a strong business sense and an appreciation of the value of money. Veteran Osprey author David Nicolle describes the history, arms and armour of the remarkable Normans in this fascinating volume.


- The Norman Legacy
- Arms, Armour and Tactics
- The Normans in Normandy
- The Normans in Britain and Ireland
- The Normans in Italy and Sicily
- The Normans in the East
- The Plates

64 pages,

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